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5 Effective Ways Of Digital Marketing To Help Your Business Grow During This Pandemic

As we know that 2020 has not started well due to Coronavirus pandemic which has led almost one-third of the world’s population to stay home. As a result of this businesses are running on loss, people are losing their jobs and many brands are on the verge of collapse. Worst part is that we don’t know till how long this pandemic will affect our lives as there is no specific date of getting the cure and return to normal life.

Economists have predicted that trillions of dollars will be lost in one of the world’s worst recessions. Therefore, this is genuinely not the right time to market your brand, but there is a hope for brands that will embrace digital marketing. With approximately 3 billion people across the globe are working from home in this lockdown and certainly this is something to celebrate.

Below are some strategies which will help a brand to run and grow despite the nightmare the world economy is facing due to pandemic.

1. Take Advantage of Local SEO

Despite the lockdown people still have needs and basic necessities. However, during the lockdown people would prefer to visit businesses or shops which are near to their place rather than travelling miles and risking their lives. Thus, it is always beneficial to optimize your website for local searches.

Local search optimization is not expensive and yet it can give the best returns. If you do some research on keywords, you will find out that there is more searches for places “near me” and a business can take advantage of this to be visible to people within the area of its operation.

It is said that – “customer is the king” and therefore, just make sure that you deliver best service to get good reviews and appreciation from your customers because it helps a lot in ranking the website higher in SERP and also in becoming a brand. Also, good reviews attract more people to your business.

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2. Target Your Customer Through Email

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When we talk about direct marketing, personalized email marketing is something which is very effective and can never be dead. As the people are at home and have time, this is the perfect time to engage with your existing clients, talk to them and listen to their feedback.

You can use this platform to build trust in your brand, share useful content with a wide range of people and strengthen the bond that you have with them. Email is a very strong tool to build brand loyalty if used correctly.

3. Embrace Social Media Marketing

The normal life of humans was never the way it is now. However, just to bring an end to this pandemic, people are staying at home, keeping social distancing, etc. Since, people are not getting chance to meet their friends and families personally, they are starving for social interaction and that has increased the social media usage these days.

This is the current trend and an intelligent businessman should take an advantage of it in the following ways:

  • Social media is a platform of gossips and discussions and you need to make your brand a part of the conversation
  • Create and promote special offers for your target audience.
  • This is a chance to be visible and to interact with clients less formally.
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4. Boost Your Website Ranking on SERP

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During this pandemic, people have time to spend on internet and this creates an opportunity to attract their attention. This is the time when you have to put some extra efforts on your SEO unlike some of your competitors who may have taken their foot off the SEO pedal.

Due to less competition, it is probably easier to rank in search results. Stick to all the guidelines for effective SEO and analyse your site improvement. If you do quality SEO, your ranking will not just disappear when things return to normal. So, work hard on SEO strategies and the gain you make now will carry forward even to the time when this pandemic gets over.

5. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

I would say that this is the best time to advertise your business by investing on paid ad campaigns. Think of it, your target is online with more attention to spare than ever before. Why not get your brand right in front of their eyes? It’s not a guarantee that they will make a purchase right then, but the seed has been planted, at a later time, when they think of that product or service, it is your brand that will come to their mind and they will be willing to get your help.

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In Conclusion

Indeed this is a hard times we find ourselves in. COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lives, but we need to be positive and hope it will come to an end soon. Also, it is the best time to ensure your business growing by taking advantage of digital marketing and keep your business in front of your target customers staying at home.

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